A divorce is a time of transitions. The spouses must discover who they are without the other. If they have children, they must find a way to allow each spouse to participate in the child’s life. If they have property, they must find a way to divide that property in an equitable way. If they have debts, they must decide who will pay the debt. This can be overwhelming.

Atty. Evelyn Gryk Frolich is a divorce lawyer who offers client-focused solutions. Each situation is different and no two spouses will have the same concerns. Atty. Evelyn Gryk Frolich will look at your family life and help discover what your goals are for the future. A client-focused approach allows her to outline the paths that will permit you to reach those goals. For example are you concerned about staying in the house or are retirement funds of greater concern? Are you worried about which parenting plan will work best for your children?

During the first free initial consultation, Atty. Frolich will explain the three methods to reach a settlement.

There is the traditional method of filing papers in the court after they have been served by a marshal on the other spouse, obtaining all the information about the spouses’ income, assets and liabilites- whether it’s formal or informal discovery- and court hearings where orders are entered by a Judge. Atty. Evelyn Gryk Frolich will represent your interests when dealing with the other attorney or the court. She can assist you in reaching an agreement that meets your needs or represent you and your interests at the trial where the Judge will decide what happens.

Collaborative divorce is an approach where spouses and their individual attorneys meet together outside of court to reach an agreement. It is a family focused approach recognizing the respect all of us desire. The participants all agree that the attorneys will not be able to represent them in any court proceedings. The spouses and their attorneys gather the information, brainstorm options and reach mutually acceptable settlements. Unlike the traditional method the spouses can try out the parenting arrangement or living situation before they are locked into a final order.

The spouses can decide to participate in a mediation. Atty. Frolich serves as a neutral third party, not representing either spouse. A mediator helps the spouses see the different ways there are to resolve their disputes. She does not determine the solution deciding the case for them. She guides them towards an overall resolution that addresses all their issues, whether it be children and a parenting plan, assets division or outstanding liabilities.

Whatever your overall concerns are, Atty. Evelyn Gryk Frolich will guide you down the path that allows you to make the final decisions that impact your life. If you have children, Atty. Frolich will discuss their age and relationship with both parents, explaining custody options. Is joint custody right for your family or is shared custody? The child support guidelines will be completed and explained to you. If you have a pension, she will explain the offset method or Qualified Domestic Relations Orders as the optional methods to transfer the marital share the non- employee spouse may receive. If you own a house, she will discuss whether it is to be sold or one spouse wants to continue to live there and maintain the residence. If you are entitled to equity in the house, she will discuss how much you will receive and when.

Divorce is complicated and there are many decisions that must be made. Call Atty. Evelyn Gryk Frolich who has over 38 years of experience representing clients. She will listen to your concerns and help you to decide what is best for you.

This should not be taken as legal advice and the reader is advised to contact an attorney to determine their rights. Law varies from state to state.

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I have used Evelyn Gryk Frolich as my lawyer for several years now. From my divorce to a will before cancer treatments. She went above and beyond for me. She is a highly professional and knowledgeable lawyer. She can look two steps ahead and figure out what to do before you even know it will happen...


Attorney Frolich is widely respected for her understanding of family law and strong advocacy on behalf of clients. She has a great deal of experience in many areas of the law but particularly in matters related to family law. Attorney Frolich is an experienced litigator and has a depth of knowledge...

Atty. Virginia Street

Evelyn has been very helpful on numerous occasions during the past several years, as my attorney and legal consultant for my family law case. She provides realistic and balanced advice regarding how to effectively handle complex situations.

Jessica S.

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