Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Closings

Whether you are the buyer or seller in a residential real estate transaction, a licensed attorney will assist you in understanding your legal rights and the voluminous legal documents involved.

Your attorney will speak to you about a title search, to provide you with information about the property you intend to buy. The title search will ensure that no one other than the seller has any ownership interest in the property, among other important things.

You will also discuss title insurance, that insures you and your mortgage lender against title defects (any legal right to property that is claimed by a person other than the owner).

A Connecticut real estate lawyer at the Law Offices of Gryk and Frolich, LLC may be able to assist you in executing your real estate closing.


Quit Claim & Warranty Deeds

To transfer all or part of your interest in real property (real estate) to another individual or multiple persons — or to obtain an interest in real property from another person or persons — speak to a real estate lawyer to determine whether a quit claim deed or warranty deed is the appropriate legal vehicle.

If you will be obtaining an interest in real property (real estate) from another person, it may be advisable to have a title search done on the property to be sure that the title is clear (unencumbered by liens) prior to executing a quit claim deed or warranty deed.

For more information, contact a Connecticut real estate lawyer at the Law Offices of Irene C. Olszewski, LLC in East Hartford.  [See the link to “Buying a Home” below for more information on quit claim and warranty deeds].


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